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17 Awesome Things That Happened On The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere  

Lisa Waugh
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SPOILERS AHEAD! Like, duh, you guys. 

First off, something finally happened on the Season 7 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead! Yay! The first half of Season 7 was an interminable slog, but now Rick and the gang are back to actually doing stuff. Will the second half of The Walking Dead make up for the first? If they keep doing things like that awesome highway walker massive weed whacker scene, then the answer is a resounding yes.  

One of the best things about TWD Season 7 midseason premiere is that the band is back together and storm clouds are gathering. Rick and the survivors are on a road trip to convince the surrounding communities to go to war with the Saviors, because they are not going to stop until Negan is either dead or in captivity. 

King Ezekiel hasn’t told his community he’s been paying tribute to the Saviors, and he’s reluctant to put his people in the fight. The Hilltop’s Gregory is a coward and he sucks so hard, but his people have spirit and are offering to get trained to take on Negan and his people. 

The episode “Rock in the Road” ended with Rick smiling wide even as he and the crew were surrounded by an armed mob. Like, what’s that all about? We don't know anything for sure. Are you happy that The Walking Dead got up off the couch and started doing something? Of course you are. You're not a mindless walker, after all.  

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That Massive Walker Herd Tripline!
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The practical and visual FX team keeps topping itself and this scene is sure to go down as some of the coolest sh*t to happen on The Walking Dead. Using a wire attached between two cars, Michonne and Rick clothesline a football field-sized walker herd in tandem. Using extras, stunt actors, a drone, a camera follow truck, and visual FX, the scene is a highlight of the season. The couple that slays together, stays together. 

Oh, and guess who now has explosives! These people, that's who. 

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Jerry. Just, Jerry.
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Listen, King Ezekiel’s court jester/attendant or whatever Jerry is, is the best. He doesn’t get much screen time, but when he does, Cooper Andrews makes every word count. More Jerry, please!

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Carol Is Our Perpetual Batman, Daryl May Be Her Last Hope
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Carol is nearly a mythical creature. She lives solo in the woods, shaming heavy-footed teenagers and saying rad stuff like, “You’re not me. Go home.” When will Daryl come find her (and make out with and her then feed her fruit) to bring her back into the fold? Daryl is probably the only person who can reach her spiritually by now. 

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Gotta Love Rosita’s Sass
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When Sasha tells Rosita that she just knew Ezekiel wasn’t going to join the fight, Rosita (with her new face scar) sneers, “The hell you telling me for? We both had sex with the same dead guy. That doesn’t make us friends.”

It’s not cool that she’s being a jerk to our girl Sasha, but you gotta admire her swagger. Plus, she knows about explosives so we need her. But can someone buy Rosita a drink? Or hug the hate out of her? Homegirl needs some love.

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