People Are Sharing What They Miss Most From The 90s And The Nostalgia Is Real

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What do you miss about the 90s? It's a simple question, but the answers sure do vary. From Blockbuster movie nights to slap bracelets, there's something for everyone to miss when the 90s are involved. Vote up the most missed things from the 90s!  

All answers courtesy of this AskReddit.

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    Having Limited Contact

    From Redditor u/Soma_Tweaker:

    Not being contactable 24/7. Peace of leaving school/work and not having to deal with their nonsense till tomorrow.

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    That Friday Afternoon Feeling Of No Responsibility

    From Redditor u/Surewhynot62189:

    That Friday afternoon after school feeling, when you knew you had two glorious days before you had any responsibility again, so you'd call your friends on the land line and hope their parents didn't pick up so it wouldn't be awkward, and you'd get together and just... Go outside. That was it. There was no plan, but maybe somebody would bring a football, and you'd have a pickup game at the park.

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    Saturday Morning Cartoons

    From Redditor u/Razzerno:

    Saturday morning cartoons. The variety and the quality of the 90s cartoons was unmatched. They were far above what kids have today.

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    Browsing Around Blockbuster

    From Redditor u/Captainbuttsreads:

    Blockbuster. There was this magic walking in and seeing all the VHS tapes stacked up high with so much awesome presentation. The excitement of getting a film you have been super excited about and the bucket of popcorn coming with candy and soda was just the absolute best part of the week.

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    MTV Music Videos

    From Redditor u/kittenya:

    Watching grunge music videos on MTV.


    From Redditor u/h0sti1e17:

    Videos were their peak. There were some great ones in the 80s like Take on Me, or Radio Gaga or Don't Come Round Here No More. But the 90s took it to another level. Sabotage is amazing, and so is Intergalactic. Always loved the newest Tool videos and Foo Fighters were great. They were so much more cinematic

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    Air Travel Was A Breeze

    From Redditor u/GavinBelsonsAlexa:

    Air travel. Holy sh*t, I miss '90s air travel.

    Did you know that before 9/11, it wasn't a massive pain in the a** to go fucking anywhere?! Loved ones could walk you right to the gate. You could bring snacks, sandwiches, and drinks onto the plane with you. The prices at Hudson News were perfectly reasonable, because if they weren't, you could just walk out of the terminal and grab something. You never had to take your shoes off for any motherf***ing thing. In fact, it used to be rude to take your shoes off in the airport. That's completely 180'd.

    I used to fly 3 or 4 times a year, and it was usually pretty easy. Now, I fly maybe once every five years, and I absolutely dread it.