The Best Things to Look at on LSD

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LSD, or acid, is a synthetic, psychedelic drug used recreationally for open and closed eye visuals, altered thinking, and synesthesia. It's also used for spiritual purposes and for psychedelic therapy. It causes all sorts of different experiences which vary from person to person and even beyond that, from trip to trip depending on the set and setting. But it always makes things look really, really cool.

LSD trips almost always include INSANE visuals, increased color sensitivity, objects becoming more organic and appear to breathe, geometric patterns (closed and open eye), and a confused concept of time. It's a serious experience and can yield spiritual and permanent perspective and psychological changes. 

So you've taken some, what now? Well make sure you're safe, with good people, and then dive into the best things to look at on LSD.
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  • The Stars
    530 votes

    The Stars

  • Clouds
    338 votes


  • Trees
    347 votes


  • Art
    298 votes


  • The Details in Everyday Life
    217 votes

    The Details in Everyday Life

  • Fire
    179 votes