The Best Things to Put in a Bloody Mary

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List of the best things to put in a Bloody Mary. This ranking compiles the absolutely most delicious things to go with your Absolut Peppar. The basic start to the perfect Bloody Mary is vodka, tomato juice, and a celery stalk sticking out to say you're really in it to win it. But what are the best Bloody Mary ingredients?

Get saucy with Tabasco and/or soy sauce and get spicy with cracked pepper and horseradish. People often like to sweeten up their Bloody Marys, especially since it can get super spicy with these delicious additions ranked below. The way to do this might be lemon juice or olives -- and that saltiness is key to a great drink. The reason there are so many options (and we don't recommend combining everything) is because Bloody Marys are often called "the world's most complex cocktail." Perhaps we should see a commercial with The World's Most Complicated Man sometime soon. 
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