The Best Things to Put in a Protein Shake

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List of the best things to put in protein shakes, as ranked by bodybuilders and protein shake enthusiasts. Protein shakes are essential for any bodybuilder or other regular exercisers. They’re a source of much needed nutrients that are essential to build your body in the healthiest way possible.Unfortunately, protein shakes also have a tendency to be tasteless or bitter tasting. That’s why it’s vital to add additional ingredients before consuming a protein shake. Whether you want something sweet, savory, or extra healthy,additional ingredients can make any protein shake much more palatable.

Many of the items on this list of protein shake ingredients are perfect for making a protein shake even healthier than before, from whey powder to egg whites.Some of the ingredients are designed to make the shake less runny, such as oats and flax seeds. If you’re looking for a protein shake that can masquerade as a sweet treat, there are tons of ingredients that are perfect including girl scout cookies, tart fruit, and maple syrup. Mix a couple of these ingredients together and you can have a different, unique tasting shake every day.

What are the best things to put in a protein shake? Whether you want a much healthier shake or something that tastes a bit better, these additions are sure to enhance your protein shake experience. If your favorite protein shake additions aren't on the list of things to put in a protein shake, make sure to add them.

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