The Best Things To Put in Mac and Cheese

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List of things to put in mac and cheese, as ranked by chefs, cooks, and food lovers. Macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular foods in the world. It’s a comfort food for many people, not only because the pasta is filled with carbohydrates and the cheese is warm and delicious. It’s also a comfort food to many people because it reminds them of the times they were sick as a kid and were given a big plate of mac and cheese by Mom. Some people consider mac and cheese a child’s meal or just a simple side dish. However, mac and cheese is very versatile. There are dozens of different ingredients that can be added to the dish to make it classy, fun, sweet, savory, or special.

This list includes many ingredients that have been known to make mac and cheese taste extraordinary. Additions from spices to vegetables are able to transform the dish from simple to fine cuisine. For your meat loving family, you can add bits of hamburger. For the fancier group, lobster and truffle oil works well. The health conscious person will love macaroni, cheese, and kale.

What do you think are the best things to put in mac and cheese? This list of mac and cheese additions features ingredients for every type of food lover on the planet. If your favorite mac and cheese ingredients aren't listed, make sure to add them to this macaroni and cheese ingredients list.

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