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The Best "This American Life" Episodes

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This list of the greatest This American Life episodes of all time ranks the popular radio show's top installments, with links to the episodes for reference, entertainment, and enjoyment. Many public radio fans are truly devoted to this show, which is hosted by Ira Glass, who won the Edward R. Murrow Award for his work on the program. The best This American Life episodes (and even the not quite as great ones) are produced by WBEZ and leave audiences wanting more than just the hour of storytelling. Riveting radio is arguably hard to come by these days, but these episodes are full of mystery, hilarity, and tragedy.

This American Life best episodes range from "Sinatra" (which will teach even the biggest Frank Sinatra aficionados new and surprising details) to "Back to Penn State" (which kept the heat on the topical issues of the day). The best TAL episodes are downloadable, streamable, and unforgettable. From shocking interviews to amazing anecdotes, the stories heard on these This American Life podcast episodes have stuck with old fans and created new fans.

Check out this list, peruse the classic episodes, and learn about "Babysitting," "Guns," or "Birds & Bees" in ways you never thought possible. This list of TAL podcast episodes is votable and needs your votes and opinions to truly determine the best episodes of this insightful, intellectual, and culturally important podcast and radio show.
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