The 25 Most Memorable 'This American Life' Episodes

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No matter how big or small, everyone has a story to tell, and no podcast quite captures them like This American Life. Hosted by Ira Glass, this thoughtful, deep-diving series examines a variety of subjects, from summer camp to Wall Street. With so many episodes to choose from, how do you know where to start? This list has all the best This American Life podcast episodes from over the years. 

Stories featured on This American Life episode list are funny, charming, and sometimes, quite terrifying. Depending on your taste, you're bound to find an episode that piques your interest. Want to learn more about breakups, mystery, or the evangelistic movement? This American Life has got you covered. Some episodes are dedicated to telling one individual story. Others feature a smorgasbord of several topics that will keep you engaged the entire hour. Either way, it's a fantastic way to spend 60 minutes of your afternoon. You'll certainly feel more informed after listening to an episode or two! 

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