The Best Thriller Films of 2013

A list of the best thriller films of 2013, as ranked by movie lovers everywhere instead of critics in Hollywood. The thriller is one of the most aptly named genres because each film is designed to give you a thrill, by leaving you in palm-sweating suspense and on the edge of your seat at every turn. Thrillers can be scary, action-packed, or psychological dramas. In 2013, there were plenty of thrillers introduced to the general viewing public that fit within many sub-genres from action adventure to horror.

The films on this list were the most exhilarating additions to the thriller genre in 2013. These 2013 thriller movies featured haunting villains, shocking plot twists, and terrifying imagery that will be remembered for decades to come. Movies like The Purge and The Conjuring were on the scarier side of the genre, while movies like Stoker and All Is Lost took subtler risks to keep viewers excited. Films like Gravity had hearts pounding for hours, making them worthy of the “thriller” title.

What are the best thriller films of 2013? This list includes well known thrillers like Mama and A Good Day to Die Hard, as well as indie films like The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Vote up your favorite thriller movies of 2013 below!

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