The Best Thrillers Of 2022

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Vote up your favorite thrillers that were released in the US after January 1st, 2022.

Want a 2022 movie that is going to keep you on the edge of your seat? The best 2022 thriller films are going to do just that and more. From Ray Donovan: The Movie which conclude the seven series run on Showtime to The Pink Cloud, this year's thrillers are gripping, claustrophobic, and as about as relaxing as a ticking time bomb. So if you're into thrillers as much as we are, you're in the right spot. Get ready for some straight-forward nailbiters and some mindbenders because this year has them all. Look for 2022 thriller films that you haven't discovered yet and vote up the films that you think other fans should watch. You can also vote down the films that didn't give you the thrills you want. Maybe you'd also be interested in the top mystery movies of 2022 as well.

Check back throughout the year for new and upcoming thrillers as they are released this year and added to the list.

Photo: Ray Donovan: The Movie / Showtime
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