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While the year's a thing of the past, the best thrillers of 2017 still remain. From crime mystery to psychological horror, 2017 thrillers gave audiences all kinds of suspenseful movies. What is the best thriller film of 2017?

Murder mystery drama Wind River, starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, is easily one of the best thrillers this year. Thriller combined with horror makes for scary films, like Split, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Wish Upon. Other great 2017 thrillers include Blade Runner 2049, The Shape of Water, Brawl in Cell Block 99, and The Wall.

Vote up the best thriller movies 2017 brought us and feel free to add any 2017 thrillers missing from the list.

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Jeremy Renner, Ashley Olsen, Jon Bernthal Wind River is a 2017 American thriller film directed and written by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water) in his directorial debut. US Fish and Wildlife Service agent Cory Lambert ...more

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gkleps added Daniel Kaluuya, Catherine Keener, Allison Williams Get Out is a 2017 satirical horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele. A young African American man visits his white girlfriend's family estate where he learns that many of its residents, ...more

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James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley Split is a 2016 American psychological horror thriller film directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan. After a wholesome teen birthday party, three girls are taken in broad daylight: friends ...more

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Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a 2017 film directed by Martin McDonagh. A woman (Frances McDormand) takes a stand against the police, using three billboards, in her Missouri town ...more

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Keanu Reeves, Common, Laurence Fishburne John Wick: Chapter 2 is a 2017 action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad. It is a sequel to the 2014 film John Wick. Legendary hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves) ...more

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Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine Happy Death Day is a 2017 American slasher film directed by Christopher B. Landon. A college student (Jessica Rothe) relives the day of her murder with both its unexceptional details and ...more

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Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright Blade Runner 2049 is a 2017 American neo noir science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve, and a sequel to the 1982 film. A young blade runner's (Ryan Gosling) discovery of a long-buried ...more

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Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth A Cure for Wellness is a 2016 psychological horror-thriller film directed by Gore Verbinski. An ambitious young executive (Dane DeHaan) is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but ...more

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Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a 2017 psychological horror-thriller film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. A surgeon (Colin Farrell) forms a familial bond with a sinister teenage boy (Barry ...more

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Melanie Lynskey, Elijah Wood, David Yow I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (often stylized i don't feel at home in this world anymore.) is a 2017 comedy crime thriller film written and directed by Macon Blair. A nurse, Ruth ...more

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Fionn Whitehead, Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy Dunkirk is a 2017 British-American epic action thriller written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. During the early stages of WWII, Allied soldiers from Britain, Belgium, Canada, ...more

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Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Charlie Murphy The Foreigner is a 2017 Chinese-British action thriller film directed by Martin Campbell, based on the 1992 novel The Chinaman by Stephen Leather. A humble businessman (Jackie Chan) with a ...more

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Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Carpenter, Don Johnson Brawl in Cell Block 99 is a 2017 American action thriller film directed by S. Craig Zahler. A former boxer-turned-drug runner (Vince Vaughn) lands in a prison battleground after a deal gets

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John Gallagher, Jr., Tony Goldwyn The Belko Experiment is a 2016 American horror film directed by Greg McLean and written by James Gunn. In a dark social experiment, a group of 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise ...more

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Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins The Shape of Water is a 2017 American fantasy romance film directed by Guillermo del Toro. Lonely Elisa (Sally Hawkins) is trapped in a life of silence and isolation until she discovers a secret ...more

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Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Michael Douglas Unlocked is a 2017 American thriller film directed by Michael Apted. A CIA interrogator (Noomi Rapace) is lured into a ruse that puts London at risk of a biological attack.

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Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Clé Bennett Jigsaw is a 2017 American horror film directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. The eighth installment in the Saw franchise picks up over a decade after the death of the eponymous Jigsaw killer ...more

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Halle Berry, Sage Correa, Lew Temple Kidnap is a 2017 American abduction thriller film directed by Luis Prieto and written by Knate Gwaltney. It follows a mother who tries to rescue her abducted son from dangerous kidnappers.

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Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman Atomic Blonde is a 2017 American action spy thriller film directed by David Leitch and written by Kurt Johnstad. It is based on Antony Johnston's 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City, which ...more

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Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer, Sam Reid 2:22 is an American-Australian thriller film directed by Paul Currie and written by Nathan Parker and Todd Stein. It follows Dylan Branson, a man whose life is permanently derailed when an ...more

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Jamie Foxx, T.I., Michelle Monaghan Sleepless is a 2017 American action thriller film directed by Baran bo Odar, written by Andrea Berloff. A Las Vegas police detective (Jamie Foxx) with a connection to the criminal underground ...more

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Nicolas Cage, Faye Dunaway, Gina Gershon Inconceivable is an 2017 American thriller film directed by Jonathan Baker. A mother (Nicky Whelan) looks to escape her abusive past by moving to a new town where she befriends another mother ...more

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gkleps added Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg All the Money in the World is a 2017 crime drama film directed by Ridley Scott. Based upon historical events, the film centers on the kidnapping of the grandson of industrialist J. Paul Getty ...more

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Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan American Assassin is an action thriller film directed by Michael Cuesta and written by Stephen Schiff, Michael Finch, Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz, based on Vince Flynn's 2010 novel of ...more

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Tye Sheridan, Stephen Moyer, Emory Cohen Detour is a 2016 British thriller film directed by Christopher Smith. A young law student (Tye Sheridan) blindly enters into a pact with a man (Emory Cohen) who offers to kill his stepfather ...more

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Joey King, Ryan Phillipe, Elisabeth Rohm Wish Upon is an upcoming American supernatural horror film directed by John R. Leonetti and written by Barbara Marshall. After her father presents her with a mysterious music box, Clare Shannon ...more

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson, John Cena, Laith Nakli The Wall is a 2017 American war film directed by Doug Liman and written by Dwain Worrell, about two American soldiers trapped by an Iraqi sniper.

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Emma Roberts, Lucy Boynton, Kiernan Shipka The Blackcoat's Daughter (also known by its original title February) is a 2015 American-Canadian supernatural psychological horror film directed and written by Oz Perkins. During the dead of ...more

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Blake Lively, Jason Clarke All I See Is You is a 2016 an obsessive love story/drama film directed by Marc Forster and written by Sean Conway. The plot tells the story of a blind woman and her husband. When her sight ...more

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Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults Unforgettable is a 2017 American thriller film directed by Denise Di Novi. The film follows a divorcée (Katherine Heigl) who begins to torment the new fiancé (Rosario Dawson) of

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Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Brie Larson Free Fire is a 2016 British action-comedy film directed by Ben Wheatley. Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival.

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Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz Personal Shopper is a 2016 English-language French psychological thriller film directed by Olivier Assayas. A personal shopper (Kristen Stewart) in Paris refuses to leave the city until she ...more

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Rshayes added Thomas Jane, Neal McDonough, Molly Parker 1922 is a 2017 American horror-drama film directed by Zak Hilditch, based on Stephen King's novella. A simple yet proud farmer (Thomas Jane) in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife (Molly ...more

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Dominic Monaghan, Tom Sizemore, Sarah Habel Atomica is a 2017 American science-fiction thriller film directed by Dagen Merrill and starring Dominic Monaghan. A young safety inspector has to restore an offline communications system of an ...more

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Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan, Jennifer Jason Leigh Amityville: The Awakening is a 2017 American supernatural horror film directed by Franck Khalfoun. Belle (Bella Thorne) and her siblings move into a new house with their single mother Joan ...more

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American Fable Peyton Kennedy, Richard Schiff, Kip Pardue American Fable is a 2016 American thriller film directed by Anne Hamilton. After 11-year-old Gitty (Peyton Kennedy) discovers a man who can grant wishes hiding in her family's silo, she is ...more

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy, Maggie Grace Aftermath (originally titled 478) is a 2017 American drama thriller film directed by Elliott Lester, based on the Überlingen mid-air collision. After hundreds of people died in an airplane ...more

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Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Sean Harris Trespass Against Us is a British-American crime drama film directed by Adam Smith and written by Alastair Siddons. After an elaborate heist goes south, reluctant criminal Chad must find a way to ...more

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Suki Waterhouse, Jason Momoa, Giovanni Ribisi The Bad Batch is a 2016 American romantic horror-thriller film directed and written by Ana Lily Amirpour. It is a dystopian love story in a Texas wasteland and set in a community of cannibals.

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Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac Suburbicon is a 2017 American crime thriller film directed by George Clooney. In a peaceful, idyllic suburban community with affordable homes and manicured lawns, Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) and ...more

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Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega The Circle is a 2017 science-fiction thriller film directed and written by James Ponsoldt, based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Dave Eggers. The film stars Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John ...more

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Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki Rings is a 2017 American supernatural psychological horror film directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez. Set 13 years after The Ring, the sequel follows a woman (Matilda Lutz) finds herself on ...more

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The Snowman is a 2017 British crime thriller drama film directed by Tomas Alfredson, based on the novel by Jo Nesbø. Detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) investigates the ...more

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Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish Geostorm is a 2017 American disaster science-fiction action film directed by Dean Devlin. A satellite designer (Gerard Butler) must save the world from a storm of epic proportions caused by ...more