The Best New Thriller Movies Of The Last Few Years

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Vote up the best thrillers released on or after January, 1 2019.

It's time to vote on the best new thriller films. Audiences have long enjoyed the pleasure of going to a movie for suspense and excitement. Modern thriller movies have raised the bar on doing just that. The past few years have delivered some of the most original, groundbreaking entries the genre has ever known. Thrillers work for a very primal reason. They put us into a state of tension for two hours. We tense up. We hold our breath. We grip the armrests. Then, in the end, there's typically some kind of big catharsis that allows us to relax. You get a bit of a rush from that, and good modern thriller movies know how to play the audience like a violin.

Current thrillers come in many forms. Some are entirely plausible. Some make use of historical events. Others mesh the entire thriller concept with another genre. Some are part top thriller and part horror movie. That kind of flexibility has allowed the genre to grow in compelling, heart-pounding ways. It's no wonder these new thriller movies are more popular than ever.

Vote up your favorites from this list of recent thriller movies. If there's one particularly pulse-pounding psychological thriller film you don't see here, feel free to rerank the list to adjust the ranking. Come back for the latest and newest thriller movies as they are added to the list once they're released. Don't forget to check back to see how other users rank your picks. Then, check out our list of the best crime thriller movies.

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