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The Best Mystery Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime

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Mystery movies and thriller movies are often one and the same, at least the good ones anyway. This list collects the best mystery thrillers on Amazon Prime, as ranked by audiences who love their mysteries with a thrill and their thrillers with some mystery. All the edge-of-your-seat thrilling investigations and nail-biting whodunits on this list are currently available to stream at no additional cost to Amazon Prime members.

This list is designed to help you navigate the dark and twisted labyrinth of tense murder mysyery movies on Amazon Prime Video. There are so many that it can be difficult to discern between the gems and the ho-hum efforts better left in the bargain bin. However, you'll only find the best thrillers on Amazon Prime here. 

You'll find a wide range of pictures, from classic film noir detective movies to gritty '70s crime dramas, and modern actioners that will have you in suspense from start to finish. With all that, you're guaranteed to see something you love. Some of the best titles on Amazon also include some British mysteries as well.

And you can share that love by voting up your favorite mystery thrillers below. Vote up, vote down, and be sure to add any great movies that aren't yet on the list. Just remember that they have to be available on Amazon Prime.

  • 1

    Restitution Road

    Dina Meyer,Lea Thompson,Ed Begley Jr

  • 2

    The Suspicions of Mr Whicher


    ActorsPaddy Constantine, Peter Capaldi, Ben Crompton, Donald Sumpter, Tom Georgeson

    Directed byJames Hawes

  • 3

    ActorsDaniel Craig, Chris Evans, Lakeith Stanfield, Michael Shannon, Ana de Armas

    Directed byRian Johnson

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  • 4

    Bone Tomahawk


    ActorsKurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons

    Directed byS. Craig Zahler


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  • 5

    ActorsBasil Rathbone, Patricia Morison, Nigel Bruce, Ian Wolfe, Holmes Herbert

    Directed byRoy William Neill

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  • 6

    ActorsNicholas Brendon, Elizabeth Gracen, Lorene Scafaria, Maury Sterling, Emily Foxler

    Directed byJames Ward Byrkit

  • 7

    ActorsJeremy Brett, Jenny Seagrove, Edward Hardwicke, Alf Joint, Kiran Shah

    Directed byPeter Hammond

  • 8

    ActorsMary Astor, William Powell, Eugene Pallette, Ralph Morgan, Paul Cavanagh

    Directed byMichael Curtiz

  • 9

    ActorsEmily Blunt, Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill, Bud Tingwell, William McInnes

    Directed byAnn Turner

  • 10


  • 11

    The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Murder on Angel Lane

  • 12

    I See You

  • 13

    ActorsHilary Swank, Christopher Lee, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lee Pace, Nana Visitor

    Directed byAntti Jokinen

  • 14

    The Employer


    ActorsMalcolm McDowell, Billy Zane, David Dastmalchian, Paige Carlyle Howard

    Directed byFrank Merle

  • 15

    ActorsAnna May Wong, Reginald Owen, Alan Mowbray, Alan Dinehart, John Warburton

    Directed byEdwin L. Marin

  • 16

    ActorsBoris Karloff, John Hamilton, Evelyn Brent, Grant Withers, Marjorie Reynolds

    Directed byWilliam Nigh

  • 17

    ActorsAlessandra Ambrosio, Eva Green, Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Mads Mikkelsen

    Directed byMartin Campbell

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  • 18

    ActorsRuth Wilson, Mark Stanley, Sean Bean, Joe Dempsie

    Directed byClio Barnard

  • 19

    ActorsPeter Lorre, George Sanders, John Carradine, Ricardo Cortez, Virginia Field

    Directed byNorman Foster

  • 20

    ActorsSierra McCormick, Jake Horowitz, Gail Cronauer

    Directed byAndrew Patterson

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  • 21

    ActorsRichard Dreyfuss, James Gandolfini, Andy Garcia, Ian Holm, Lena Olin

    Directed bySidney Lumet

  • 22

    ActorsBoris Karloff, Grant Withers, Marjorie Reynolds, Frank Puglia, Charles Trowbridge

    Directed byWilliam Nigh

  • 23

    ActorsCuba Gooding Jr., Tom Berenger, Mark Pellegrino, Eric Stoltz, Marianne Jean-Baptiste

    Directed byRowdy Herrington

  • 24



    ActorsJohn Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Roselyn Sánchez, Harry Connick, Jr.

    Directed byJohn McTiernan

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  • 25

    ActorsJared Leto, Dennis Quaid, Danny Glover, R. Lee Ermey, Walton Goggins

    Directed byJeb Stuart