The Best Thriller TV Shows Of 2018

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Only shows that premiered in 2018.

Ever suspenseful and keeping us on the edge of our seats, the best thriller TV shows of 2018 haven't been disappointing. Whether you're talking those we get to sit and binge watch on a quiet night or the shows we have to wait weekly for, many of the new thriller series on TV have done a great job in captivating the audience. That's what these shows are all about, right? So, if you haven't seen any of the shows on this list of best TV thrillers, you best call off your plans and get watching. 

While plenty of these shows came out with a bang, it's time to determine which are truly the best new thrillers from 2018. From crime fiction to psychological thrillers, 2018 has it all. Some may argue shows like The Rain and Siren take the cake, but you also have to consider The Terror - because what better name for a thriller? Of course, it's up to the true TV fans to decide.

Check out the 2018 thriller shows below and vote up the very best. You can also vote down shows that didn't cut it for you, and add any new ones to the list that didn't make it. When you're done, see what thrillers premiered in 2019.

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