Who Is The Best Tight Ends In The NFL Right Now?

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Who is the best tight end in the NFL right now? Tight ends have become an integral piece to a football team's offense. In the past, the best tight ends in the National Football League have mostly served as extra offensive lineman to help with run blocking and an occasional pair of hands to catch a defense off-guard. But the game has changed significantly recent years. Big, athletic, pass catching tight ends have allowed offenses to stretch the field and are an added threat in today's predominantly pass-first NFL. The influx of these players has changed the way defenses prepare for an opposing team and now have to take account players they wouldn't have had to worry about in the past. So, who are the best tight ends in the NFL right now? Which tight ends do you love?

For many years, Rob Gronkowski has been considered the preeminent tight end for his rare combination of pass catching ability and raw power. He is widely looked at as one the greatest tight ends to play the game, but he retired over the 2022 offseason. Players like Kansas City's Travis Kelce, San Francisco's George Kittle and Las Vegas' Darren Waller are three examples of bigger, faster tight end who have taken the game by storm.

Vote for the tight end you think is the best in the NFL right now. The definition for who you consider to be the top tight end is open-ended. It can be one of the pass catchers from above or a blocking tight end. No matter what definition you choose, only you can help decide who is the best tight end in football right now.

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