The Most Popular TikTok Users In The World

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It was inevitable that after Vine closed a new short video-based social platform would take its place. TikTok, after merging with in 2017, slowly and steadily gained momentum as a home for memes. Although the top TikTok accounts find their way onto the For You page thanks to memes, the funniest TikTok creators do everything from cosplay or cooking to skits and stunts, making some of the funniest videos on TikTok with music clips and audio from television shows and movies.

The best TikTok creators often had their start on YouTube or Instagram, though just as many have found their way onto other social platforms after TikTok success. Baby Ariel, Loren Gray, and Zach King are just a few of the most popular TikTok users in the world. Read on for more of the best TikTok girls and boys

You might think the best Tik Toks come from makeup artists like James Charles. Or perhaps the funny Tik Toks are your favorite, like those of Drea German. Either way, make your opinion known by voting for the most famous TikTokers below. 

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