The Best TikTok Sounds Of 2020

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There are so many funny sounds on TikTok. The best Tik Tok sounds get used by your favorite TikTok boys and TikTok girls. Formerly called, TikTok users feature their favorite sounds to make hot dances, fire memes, and funny content to trending songs. But, just as often they make original sounds, which range from simple song mashups to memorable lines from popular cartoons - often, the weirder the better.

Finding out where TikTok sounds come from can be a pain, so this list of the most used TikTok sounds can certainly help. Funny TikTok sounds can easily get stuck in your head, but which sound is your favorite? Is it the ultra-catchy Delfino Plaza remix, the Sid the Sloth and Post Malone collaboration, or could it be the voicemail poor Rachel never received? 

Vote up the TikTok sounds you can’t stop quoting to your friends and vote down the sounds you find most irritating.

  • Don't Be Suspicious
    Video: YouTube
    82 VOTES

    Don't Be Suspicious

    Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio Saperstein acting very suspicious in Parks and Recreation while singing, “don’t be suspicious” is popular on TikTok and Twitter.

    82 votes
  • Did I Really Just Forget That Melody?
    Video: YouTube
    36 VOTES

    Did I Really Just Forget That Melody?

    In the song "Lalala," a collaboration between bbno$ and Y2k, a blunder goes viral. Rather than delete the take and try again, the artists wore the gaffe proudly. “It’s unorthodox,” bbno$ says.

    36 votes
  • Choose Your Character
    Video: YouTube
    28 VOTES

    Choose Your Character

    The Super Smash Brothers "Choose Your Character" music is a trigger to most people who grew up playing the popular video game. The meme is to showcase a particular person as though you were choosing them for battle.

    28 votes
  • This Is For Rachel
    Video: YouTube
    77 VOTES

    This Is For Rachel

    This voicemail was meant for Rachel, but it obviously got into the wrong hands.
    77 votes
  • Huh? What? Haha. Oh, Okay.
    Video: YouTube
    22 VOTES

    Huh? What? Haha. Oh, Okay.

    Trisha Paytas, the Internet's favorite attention-seeker scored some more viral fame through a particularly cute audio trend. In her popular mukbank videos, Trisha devours a lot of food on camera. She's eating a chicken sandwhich in a parking lot one day when she's interrupted and responds with, "Huh? What? Haha, oh. Okay."

    22 votes
  • Sid the Sloth Meets Post Malone
    Video: YouTube
    29 VOTES

    Sid the Sloth Meets Post Malone

    This remix features the popular Post Malone song "Circles" and a user's impression of Sid the Sloth from Ice Age. Post Malone should've known better than to use lyrics that match a ten-year-old quote from Ice Age.

    29 votes