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The Greatest Band Cameos In Movie History

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What are the greatest band cameos in movie history? Making a comprehensive list of all musicians who've graced the big screen (albeit briefly) over the years would take... well, years. Here are some of the biggest, and the best. From Rush to KISS to the Afghan Whigs, check out some of the most memorable band and musician cameos ever.

  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones' cameo in the '90s teen comedy Clueless has to be on this list. They show up when Cher decides to take Josh to a party where they're performing.

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  • David Bowie - 'Zoolander'
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    David Bowie makes a (really) brief cameo appearance in the comedy Zoolander, acting as a referee of sorts when Derek and Hansel face off in an underground "Walk Off."

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  • Aerosmith - 'Wayne's World 2'
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    Aerosmith appeared in a cameo in the 1993 sequel movie Wayne's World 2. The band is just one of several celebs making a cameo in this one, along with Drew Barrymore, Heather Locklear, and Kevin Pollack.
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  • Alice Cooper - 'Wayne's World'
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    Metal fans Wayne and Garth take a road trip to see Alice Cooper. They are treated to an awesome performance of "Feed My Frankenstein" onstage, and funny stuff backstage.

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