The Best Times to Go to Disneyland

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If you're flirting with the idea of a Disney vacation, then you're probably already wondering about the best time of year for Disneyland. Maybe you've been eyeing all the fun Disney swag at shopDisney and wishing you could buy it in person. While the least busy times at Disneyland seem to be getting fewer and further between, rest assured that there do still remain a few times that are better to go than others. Whether you're looking for the least crowded weekends or to take part in some of Disney's coolest special events, you'll find some of the best options here. 

 It may come as no surprise that good times to go to Disney generally include weekdays that aren't within sight of the summer peak season or holidays of any sort. If, however, you're determined to find the best weekends, there are a few months when Disneyland tends to settle into a nice off-season that can help you save a lot of time standing around in lines. Hardcore Disneyland fans or those who have visited during an especially lucky chunk of time are highly encouraged to upvote the best options for good times to go to Disney. Lend a hand to fellow would-be travelers around the world who are on an epic quest to try to decide when to visit Disneyland without being stampeded by an overzealous crowd of tourists.