Current TV Shows with the Best Title Sequences

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Shows on TV or streaming that are either in season or expected to return - vote based on the strength of the title sequence, not the show itself

It's easy to fast forward through the opening credit sequences of TV shows when you have them recorded on DVR, but there are some shows that just beg you to watch the whole thing through. Seriously, have you ever fast forwarded through the credits sequence of The Simpsons? Or Orange is the New Black? OK fine, maybe once or twice. But they're still pretty great, right? They're part of the draw of the show. 

With the right balance of tone, music, and visual splendor, TV title sequences don't just dazzle you, but also help tell the story of the TV show they introduce. Sure, there are some people who hate those darkly disorienting Homeland opening credits, but if you think about it, that loose experimental jazz and those labyrinth-like visuals are a perfect representation of the uneven, murky depths of Carrie's mind (and also of the show's take on international politics).

Not all of the shows on this list are great, but that doesn't mean that their title sequences can't be. Has anyone come out and said that American Horror Story: Hotel is the best iteration of the series yet? Not that we know of (and if you hear anyone say that, then you shouldn't be their friend). But! That opening credits sequence sure does leave you creeped out, doesn't it? The disconcerting juxtaposition of dead bodies and the Ten Commandments could easily give someone nightmares.

We hope you enjoy this list of the best opening sequences currently on TV. Remember to vote up your favorites!