The Best TNA Wrestlers of All Time

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List of the best TNA wrestlers of all time. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was founded in 2002 by Jeff Jarrett and company and has been total nonstop action ever since then. Sort of. Uh... It's okay. There's been SOME action. It's a lot like WCW. What does that mean? It means it should be called "Ghosts of Christmas Past Wrestling." Okay, "Total Nonstop Ghosts Of Christmas Past Wrestling." There. That's better.

In all seriousness (I was being serious) TNA has presented alternative viewing from WWE and alternative viewing is always a good thing. And, all joking aside, TNA has had some remarkable talent step onto its weird soundstage and bring the house down. So, that's what this list is for. These are the greatest wrestlers in the history of TNA. What do you think? Who should be the top TNA star? UpVote your favorite now! 

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  • A.J Styles
    2,842 votes
    Age: 46

    Arguably the most talented in-ring performer in TNA history, AJ Styles' meteoric rise to wrestling stardom began in 2002 with the company's inception. From his high-flying, death-defying moves to his sheer athleticism, Styles earned numerous titles throughout his TNA tenure, including the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and TNA World Heavyweight Championship; plus, who could forget his legendary feuds with the likes of Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle? As a trailblazer and a cornerstone in building the foundation of TNA, it's no surprise that "The Phenomenal One" is hailed as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the TNA ring.

  • Sting
    2,414 votes
    Age: 64

    Better known as "Sting," Steve Borden's TNA career is nothing short of legendary. His arrival in 2003 marked the beginning of an era filled with unforgettable moments, captivating storylines, and classic battles against some of TNA's top talents, such as Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, and Hulk Hogan. An icon for over three decades within the wrestling industry, Sting's TNA run solidified him as a timeless figure in sports entertainment; a multi-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, TNA Hall of Famer, and the cornerstone of the famed Main Event Mafia faction, it's undeniable that Steve Borden lies at the heart of TNA's essence.

  • Kurt Angle
    2,351 votes
    Age: 54

    When Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle made his TNA debut in 2006, the wrestling world was sent into a frenzy. The "Wrestling Machine" immediately established himself as a force to be reckoned with by capturing title after title, engaging in storied rivalries against likes of Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, and AJ Styles. Drawing from his unmatched technical skills, innovative maneuvers, and unparalleled intensity, Angle's legacy will forever be engraved in TNA history as a six-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion and a TNA Hall of Famer.

  • Bobby Roode
    1,589 votes

    From his early days in Team Canada to his record-breaking run as TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode's journey in TNA is the epitome of what it means to be a resilient, opportunistic, and cunning ring master. Known for his strategic prowess and unrelenting tenacity, Roode's best-of-five series against James Storm and his epic battles with Austin Aries showcased his pure wrestling ability. As one half of the celebrated Beer Money Inc. tag team and a founding member of the dominant Fortune faction, Roode's contributions to TNA are irreplaceable and cement his status as one of the company's all-time greats.

  • Christian Cage
    1,458 votes

    Christian's arrival to TNA in 2005 signaled a turning point for the company, creating a buzz that has rarely been matched. With his unique blend of charisma and in-ring prowess, the "Instant Classic" earned his first NWA World Heavyweight Championship within months of his debut, engaging in memorable feuds against fellow icons such as Rhino, Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett. Christian's penchant for delivering show-stealing performances ultimately led to two reigns as NWA World Heavyweight Champion and solidified him as an integral part of TNA's golden era.

  • Jeff Hardy
    2,102 votes
    Age: 46

    The charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy has always been synonymous with high-risk, high-reward wrestling and jaw-dropping spectacles. His signature Swanton Bomb from dizzying heights and penchant for innovative ladder matches left audiences breathless, while his memorable rivalry with Abyss culminated in an unforgettable Monster's Ball match. A multi-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Hardy's uncanny ability to constantly reinvent himself – as evidenced by his "Broken" persona – ensures his place as a TNA icon.