The Best TNA Wrestlers of All Time

List of the best TNA wrestlers of all time. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was founded in 2002 by Jeff Jarrett and company and has been total nonstop action ever since then. Sort of. Uh... It's okay. There's been SOME action. It's a lot like WCW. What does that mean? It means it should be called "Ghosts of Christmas Past Wrestling." Okay, "Total Nonstop Ghosts Of Christmas Past Wrestling." There. That's better.

In all seriousness (I was being serious) TNA has presented alternative viewing from WWE and alternative viewing is always a good thing. And, all joking aside, TNA has had some remarkable talent step onto its weird soundstage and bring the house down. So, that's what this list is for. These are the greatest wrestlers in the history of TNA. What do you think? Who should be the top TNA star? UpVote your favorite now! 

Can you even handle the IMPACT, bro?
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