The Best U.S. Airports

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List of the best US airports - and the worst - ranked by frequent flyers and travelers. This list includes major US airports that most often serve as hubs for domestic travel or as stops on international flights. Vote up those best airports you don't mind so much - or even like - and vote down those worst airports that just seem to make traveling miserable.

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There are many things to love about time spent in airports. With endless restaurant and dining options, duty free shopping, and even salons, there is plenty to do in an airport during a layover or while waiting for a plane to board. The US airports with the best layouts make it easy to get from check-in to security to gate without having to battle too much human traffic. Many even have bus or tram systems to transport connecting passengers between terminals. Other amenities like free wi-fi, cleanliness, and cordial & competent staff can mean the difference between a good flight and hours spent stewing.

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The worst US airports are notorious for poor layouts, frequent flight delays, lost luggage, and other flaws that make travel very unpleasant, whether it is the point of departure, arrival, or just a layover. Airports in cities with severe weather can get a particularly bad rap, even if its not always their fault that flights are delayed, canceled, or moved to other gates.

Vote up the US airports that have enhanced your travel experiences, and vote down those that always seem to complicate your trips. To personalize your own list and rankings or add commentary, click the blue button that says Rerank.
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