The Best Today Show Hosts

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List of your favorite Today Show hosts of all time. The best hosts of NBC's famed Today Show are ranked here in order of popularity. Former Today Show anchors Ann Curry and Matt Lauer made splashes in the news with rumors of a supposed feud in the world of morning shows. Just like late night talk show titans Leno and Conan and Letterman all duke it out (or Conan and Colbert and Stewart if anyone saw the Writer's Strike episodes), even the early morning talk show hosts have drama.

On November 29, 2017, Matt Lauer was fired from NBC after he was accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. These allegations led back to similar incidents in the past, including sexual misconduct during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Lauer has admitted to some of the allegations. He was on The Today Show for 20 years. 

These breakfast television stars range from Tom Brokaw, who still reigns on MSNBC news productions, to Meredith Vieira, the millionaire who hosted Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, to Katie Couric, who gave the Boston University commencement speech to 2012 graduates. Names like Barbara Walters and Bryant Gumbel on this list make us aware of the absolute stardom often guaranteed by a main primary anchor gig on The Today Show every morning. Some of these hosts used to appear only on the weekend shows before becoming faces we saw every weekday morning.

Most divisive: Tamron Hall
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  • Dylan Dreyer
    1,472 votes

    Dylan Dreyer

    Embodying a warm and friendly personality, Dylan Dreyer has charmed audiences as a meteorologist and co-host on the Today Show. With her expertise in weather forecasting, she keeps viewers informed of important updates and trends. Dreyer's likable nature and impressive skill set make her a valuable addition to the show.

  • Natalie Morales-Rhodes
    1,352 votes

    Natalie Morales-Rhodes brings an unmistakable charisma and professionalism to her role as host on the Today Show. Her excellence in interviewing and storytelling has earned her respect and admiration from both fans and colleagues alike. Morales-Rhodes' fluency in Spanish and Portuguese further enhances the diversity of perspectives she offers as a distinguished news anchor.

  • Ann Curry
    1,190 votes
    Age: 66

    Ann Curry has made a lasting impact on the Today Show with her compassionate reporting and intuitive journalistic instincts. Over her 15-year tenure as a news anchor and co-host, she has covered a wide array of stories with sensitivity and conviction. Curry's dedication to delivering the truth has solidified her position as a respected figure in broadcast journalism.

  • Hoda Kotb
    1,144 votes
    Age: 59

    With her infectious enthusiasm and ability to connect with viewers, Hoda Kotb has become a beloved staple of the Today Show. Co-hosting the fourth hour alongside Kathie Lee Gifford, Kotb has showcased her talent for engaging conversation and insightful interviews. Her genuine warmth and quick wit continue to endear her to audiences.

  • Willie Geist
    960 votes

    Willie Geist possesses an innate gift for storytelling, and his journalistic expertise has made him a standout figure on the Today Show. As co-host of the third hour, he tackles a range of topics with a skillful balance of humor and integrity. Geist's dynamic presence and intelligent analysis significantly contribute to the show's success.

  • Al Roker
    1,091 votes
    Age: 69

    Renowned for his warm, down-to-earth demeanor, Al Roker has been a trusted voice in weather forecasting for decades. His position as Today Show's chief meteorologist showcases his vast knowledge and experience in the field. Roker's engaging personality and commitment to keeping viewers informed make him a beloved figure in television.