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Best Tom Holland Movies

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List of the best Tom Holland movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Tom Holland's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Tom Holland movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Tom Holland movies will be at the top of the list. Tom Holland has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Tom Holland movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Tom Holland films to end the squabble once and for all.

In 2016, Tom Holland made his debut as Spider-Man in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. He will reprise his role as Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War movie. 

This is a list that features films like The Lost City of Z and In the Heart of the Sea.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Tom Holland movies?" and "What are the greatest Tom Holland roles of all time?"

If you think the best Tom Holland role isn't at the top, then upvote it so it has the chance to become number one. The greatest Tom Holland performances didn't necessarily come from the best movies, but in most cases they go hand in hand.

  • 1

    Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Tom Holland, Michael Keaton


    Directed byJon Watts

    Spider-Man: Homecoming is a 2017 American superhero film directed by Jon Watts, based on the Marvel Comics character. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) balances his life as an ordinary high school student...  more

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  • 2

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth


    Directed byAnthony Russo, Joe Russo

    Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Torn apart after the events of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers join forces with the Guardians of...  more

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  • 3

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson


    Directed byJon Watts

    Spider-Man: Far From Home is a 2019 American superhero film directed by Jon Watts, based on the Marvel Comics character. While on a vacation trip to Europe with his friends, Peter Parker is recruited...  more

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  • 4

    Captain America: Civil War

    Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr.


    Directed byAnthony Russo, Joe Russo

    Captain America: Civil War is a 2016 American superhero film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, based on the Marvel Comics character. Political interference in the Avengers' activities causes a rift...  more

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  • 5

    The Impossible

    Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor


    Directed byJuan Antonio Bayona

    The Impossible is a 2012 drama film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and written by Sergio G. Sánchez. It is based on the experience of María Belón and her family. The cast includes Naomi Watts, Ewan...  more
  • 6

    In the Heart of the Sea

    Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy


    Directed byRon Howard

    In the Heart of the Sea is a 2015 American biographical thriller film directed by Ron Howard. Author Herman Melville visits innkeeper Thomas Nickerson to learn about a doomed whaling expedition....  more

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  • 7


    Chris Pratt, Tom Holland


    Directed byDan Scanlon

    Onward is a 2020 American 3D computer-animated film directed by Dan Scanlon. In a suburban fantasy world without humans and populated with elves, trolls, and sprites, where unicorns are as common as...  more

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  • 8

    Edge of Winter

    Shaun Benson, Shiloh Fernandez


    Directed byRob Connolly

  • 9

    Spies in Disguise

    Will Smith, Tom Holland


    Directed byNick Bruno, Troy Quane

    Spies in Disguise is a 2019 American 3D computer-animated spy and buddy comedy film directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. When an unexpected event puts the world in peril, Lance Sterling (Will...  more
  • 10

    The Lost City of Z

    Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson


    Directed byJames Gray

    The Lost City of Z is a 2016 American biographical adventure drama film directed by James Gray, based on the 2009 book by David Grann. A true-life drama, centering on British explorer Col. Percival...  more

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  • 11

    The Current War

    Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon

    Directed byAlfonso Gomez-Rejon

    The Current War is a 2017 American biographical historical film (2019 US theatrical release) directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans...  more
  • 12


    Mirai Shida, Tatsuya Fujiwara


    Directed byHiromasa Yonebayashi

    Arrietty, titled The Borrower Arrietty in Japan and The Secret World of Arrietty in North America, is a 2010 Japanese animated fantasy film directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and scripted by Hayao...  more

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  • 13

    How I Live Now

    Saoirse Ronan, Anna Chancellor


    Directed byKevin Macdonald

    How I Live Now is a 2013 British drama film based on the 2004 novel of the same name by Meg Rosoff, directed by Kevin Macdonald and script written by Tony Grisoni, Jeremy Brock and Penelope Skinner....  more
  • 14


    Tom Hardy, Andrew Scott


    Directed bySteven Knight

    Locke is a 2013 British drama film written and directed by Steven Knight. The film stars Tom Hardy, with Tom Holland, Olivia Colman, Andrew Scott, Ruth Wilson, Ben Daniels, and Alice Lowe providing...  more
  • 15

    The Devil All the Time

    Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland


    Directed byAntonio Campos

    The Devil All the Time is a 2020 American psychological thriller film directed Antonio Campos, based on Donald Ray Pollock's novel of the same name. A young man does all he can to protect his loved...  more
  • 16


    Tom Holland, Ciara Bravo


    Directed byAnthony Russo, Joe Russo

    Cherry is an 2021 American drama film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, based on the novel by Nico Walker. An Army medic (Tom Holland) suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder becomes a serial...  more
  • 17

    Avengers: Endgame

    Robert Downey Jr, Josh Brolin


    Directed byAnthony Russo, Joe Russo

    Avengers: Endgame is a 2019 American superhero film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team, and the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War. After Thanos (Josh Brolin)...  more

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  • 18

    Chaos Walking

    Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley


    Directed byDoug Liman

    Chaos Walking is a 2020 American science fiction film directed by Doug Liman, based on the novel The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. In a dystopian world where there are no women and all...  more
  • 19


    Tom Holland, Jon Bernthal


    Directed byBrendan Muldowney

    Pilgrimage is a 2017 Irish medieval action drama film directed by Brendan Muldowney. In 13th century Ireland, a group of monks must escort a sacred relic across a country fraught with peril....  more
  • 20


    Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas


    Directed byStephen Gaghan

    Dolittle (a.k.a. The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle) is a 2020 American fantasy comedy adventure film directed by Stephen Gaghan, based on the book by Hugh Lofting. A physician (Robert Downey Jr.)...  more

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