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The Best Top Lane Tanks In 'League of Legends'

May 11, 2020 65 votes 10 voters11 items

Tanks are extremely strong and resistant League of Legends Champions who tend to focus their abilities on disrupting enemies rather than battling head-on. Because of their brutish builds and extra powerful defense abilities, the best Top Lane Tanks are able to absorb massive amounts of damage while continuing to press forward. They're basically the Juggernauts of the LoL world — large, imposing, and definitely a force to be reckoned with. While they may not be as fast as other Champions, Tanks can be a blast to play simply due to how massive they usually are.

Who's your current favorite Top Lane Tank in LoL? Whether you prefer to play as Urgot, Ornn, Cho'Gath, or any other powerful player, vote up all the best Top Lane Tanks in League of Legends, and vote down all the Champions who should stick to another lane.

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    Nasus is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Top Lane Tanks In 'League of Legends'
    Photo: Riot Games

    Nasus is an Ascended being from ancient Shurima. He is an incredibly intelligent and heroic figure that is viewed as demigod from the people of the desert. He has one goal in life: to prevent the city of Shurima from falling again.

    If there's a champion that can compete with Sion for the tankiest unit in the game, it's Nasus. Nasus gains stacks from his passive when he kills units from his Siphoning Strike. These stacks give him life steal and make him very difficult to kill late game if he gets ahead in lane. 

    Abilities: Soul Eater, Siphoning Strike, Wither, Spirit Fire, Fury of the Sands

    Roles: Juggernaut

    Secondary Attributes: Mana, Melee, Physical

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      Cho'Gath is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Top Lane Tanks In 'League of Legends'
      Photo: Riot Games

      Cho'Gath was released into the game after emerging from the harsh light of Runeterra's sun. He is driven by insatiable hunger and a desire to consume all life. Basically, Cho' sparks fear in all who encounters him.

      Cho'Gathis a powerful Top Lane Tank that is solid in almost any meta. He is one of the tankiest units in the game with powerful crowd control capabilities. 

      Abilities: Carnivore, Rupture, Feral Scream, Vorpal Spikes, Feast

      Roles: Specialist

      Secondary Attributes: Mana, Melee, Magic

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        Mordekaiser is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Top Lane Tanks In 'League of Legends'
        Photo: Riot Games

        Mordekaiser is a brutal warlord from era long gone. He uses necromantic sorcery to bind souls to his servitude forever. 

        If you haven't played League in a few years you might think Mordekaiser is a new champion. Although he's been around for a long time, he had a complete rework a few years ago. He now has an ultimate that takes him and one opponent into an arena to fight one on one for seven seconds. This along with his tankiness makes him a very dangerous opponent. 

        Abilities: Darkness Rise, Obliterate, Indestructible, Death's Grasp, Realm of Death

        Roles: Juggernaut

        Secondary Attributes: Shield, Melee, Magic

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          Maokai is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Top Lane Tanks In 'League of Legends'
          Photo: Riot Games

          After a magical cataclysm destroyed his home, Maokai was forced to survive underneath the Waters of Life. Maokai is a large and imposing Treant who once had a peaceful nature but is now a hardened warrior.

          Maokai's arguably one of the more versatile Champions, but he particularly works well as a Tank. For starters, he's able to absorb large amounts of damage for your team, but his unique abilities also give him enough versatility to make him a more well-rounded Champion.

          Abilities: Sap Magic, Bramble Smash, Twisted Advance, Sapling Toss, Nature's Grasp

          Roles: Vanguard

          Secondary Attributes: Mana, Melee, Magic

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