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The Best Toph Quotes From 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

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From the best Toph quotes on this list, you can get the perfect image of the earthbender's personality. She's independent and isn't afraid to toss an insult to her opponents or her friends. While she has the power to manipulate the earth, she eventually learns to also control metal. She's exceptionally powerful, but that's only part of the reason why fans adore her. 

Ever since she was introduced in the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, she's been a trusted ally to Aang and his friends. And while she may not always say the nicest things to Aang, deep down they know how caring she can truly be. 

Memorable and funny Toph quotes have been collected here on this list. Which quote do you think of when Toph comes to mind? Vote for your favorites that not even Toph could insult. 

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    I Am Not Toph

    Toph: I am not Toph! I am Melon-Lord! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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    Greatest Earthbender In The World

    Toph: I am the greatest earthbender in the world! Don’t you two dunderheads ever forget it!

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    Life-Changing Field Trip

    Toph: What? Everyone else went on a life-changing field trip with Zuko. Now it’s my turn.

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    Put Up Posters

    Toph: Why? Because you think I can’t put up posters on my own? [She grabs the poster and hangs it upside down.] It’s upside down, isn’t it? I’ll just go with Sokka.

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