The Best Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

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The best touchdown celebrations of all time include some of the most creative, controversial, and downright silly celebrations ever seen in professional, arena, and college football. All of the best football players have their own best touchdown dances making the competition for which is the best nearly as competitive as the game of football itself.

Notable touchdown dances are endless but a select few stand out above all the rest. Many are so iconic that the player is forever remembered for that celebration just as much as their playing career. Desmond Howard is a prime example of that with this Heisman Trophy pose celebration just as memorable as when he actually won the trophy while playing with the University of Michigan.

Many of the flashiest players to ever appear in professional football brought us some of the best touchdown celebrations. Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco gave us some of the best celebrations and in turn helped prompt the league to institute stricter rules on touchdown celebrations.

While some of the best football touchdowns created traditions that would continue for decades, such as the Lambeau Leap first performed by LeRoy Butler, others are notable for being excessively bad. Randy Moss and his mooning the crowd celebration certainly qualifies for that award as does the celebrations from DeSean Jackson that unfortunately involve going to the ground or dropping the football before he reached the end zone.

Whether they were funny, offensive or just bizarre, these touchdown celebrations provide brief moments of levity during otherwise serious and tense football games, celebrating some of the most important and best touchdowns in NFL football. Of course that seriousness returns when the players are penalized for the acts but more often than not the dances are so worth the extra yards enforced on the kickoff.

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