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The Best Tour Groups for Solo Travel

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These days there are tons of solo travel groups that are great for those who want to travel but don't happen to have any friends or family who are up for coming along. Solo traveler group tours are a great way to get out there and see the world while making cool new friends from a variety of different countries. When it comes to the best groups for solo travelers, it seems like there are options that cater to almost everyone these days. There are single traveler group tours for women only, where you can connect with other cool ladies from around the globe, and group tours for singles who are traveling alone and looking to meet people in their age range. 

Here you'll get a look at some of the best solo traveler group tours available and get a chance to vote for the best ones. If you've ever used one of these groups, you're especially encouraged to vote for those you had a great experience with! This will help other would-be travelers around the world decide which are the best group tours to check out for themselves. 


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    Dragoman Overland


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    • Average Cost: Spend 16 days traveling Persia from $1,828 USD plus a $850 group fund contribution or explore Tibet for 31 days for $2,830 plus a $1,160 group fund contribution.
    • Travels To: Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

    If you're looking to go on an epic road trip with a group of fellow adventurers then Dragoman Overland has got you covered. Most of their trips range from 14-21 days but some go as long as 235. They specialize in motor vehicle tour travel and part of the price includes money that goes into a group fund to help cover accommodations and meals.

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      Tucan Travel


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      • Average Price: Vary but overall very reasonable. Go on an 8-day adventure from Cartagena to Botoga for  $811 or a 26-day tour from Lima to Rio de Janeiro for $3,868.
      • Travels To: Over 200 tour groups across six continents.

      Tucan Travel has a variety of awesome group tour opportunities available from travelers of all ages, over 60% of whom are solo travelers. They offer everything from walking tours to immersions in historical and cultural sites around the world. 

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        G Adventures


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        • Average Price: Vary based on length, destination, and tour type. Go on a classic tour of Turkey for 15 days for $1,274 or a 12 day MultiSport tour in Peru for $1,699.
        • Travels To: Worldwide.

        G Adventures offers group adventures to solo travelers who can choose from a selection of travel styles to best suit their preferences. You can go on a Wellness Tour, a marine adventure, or a local living adventure where you'll be immersed in local culture. Visit their website for a complete list of travel styles.


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          Bamba Experience


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          • Average Cost: Varies by length and destination. Enjoy a three day trek in Colca Canyon for $89 or take a 56-day discovery tour beginning in Lima and ending in Rio de Janeiro for $4,335.
          • Travels To: The Americas, Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan.

          Not only do Bamba Experience travels include breathtaking South American sights and the hidden beauty of North America, they curates unique travel experiences. one of the company's primary aims is to demystify and encourage independent travel. All of Bamba Experience's employees are independent travelers themselves, so they know what a solo traveler needs and wants to know to make the best trip possible.

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