The Best Tournament Anime on Hulu

What are the best tournament anime currently streaming on Hulu? If you love anime about deadly tournaments, you'll be happy to know there are a decent amount of selections on Hulu right noa for tournament anime.

Ever seen Future Diary? A series about people battling to the death with help from the cell phones might seem weird in the real world, but in anime it's perfectly logical. This series is definitely violent, so don't let your little kids watch it - Yuno Gasai might seem cute, but looks can be deceiving. You can't go wrong with the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series, which features a high-stakes tournament where duelists are giving it their all. Other popular tournament anime on Hulu include Monster Rancher, Haikyu!!, and Majin Bone.

Vote up your favorite tournament anime on this list, even if you don't have a current Hulu subscription.

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