The Best Toy Commercials of the 2000s

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In the 2000s technology (naturally) continued to advance and the decade's toys and toy commercials evolved in kind. Video games and consoles became HUGE with multiple platforms competing and a lot of kids owning more than one console. Toys also received a noticeable Anime/Asian influence, as seen in dolls like Bratz. This list has the best 2000s toy commercials, with videos, to take you back.

The vibe of 80s and 90s toy ads was fairly consistent: boys had awesome action figures or really gross stuff to freak out mom/dad/sister, all while a catchy jingle played and girls liked cute, snuggly babies, animals, and dolls. It was all very simple and borderline sexist, The toys of the 2000s changed the game, and the commercials. Some of the toys advertised were insanely expensive (like the gaming consoles), some were insanely (and noticeably) cheap.

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