The Best Toy Commercials Of The '90s

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With technology's advances through the '90s, toys and toy commercials took the market by storm by being just as crazy and innovative as the technology of the time. Motorized dolls and handheld electronics were now available at consumer prices, and kids everywhere could have talking dolls, flying toys, and electronic pets. The ads for these classic toys became classics themselves. This list has the best '90s toy commercials, with videos, to satisfy your need for nostalgia.

In the '80s it felt like every commercial had a little jingle to it. In the '90s there were fewer jingles, but man, the ones that existed were really memorable stuff ("CrossFIIIIIIIRE!"). Commercials became shorter and fewer had story lines. '90s toy ads were short and to the point, and awesome was the name of the game. In fact, a lot of them were a lot better than the toys themselves.

Every camera angle, every toy, every kid just had to be so cool. Below are the best toy commercials of the '90s. Vote up the best classic toy ads below and enjoy reliving a decade of awesome.

Most divisive: Pretty Pretty Princess