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The Best Toy Reviewers On YouTube

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Here are the best toys YouTube channels families and children can watch together. Featuring toy review channels and toy unboxing videos, this list of YouTubers who review and play with toys include family channels, children's educational channels, and daily vloggers. Who is the best toy reviewer on YouTube?

When ranking the most popular toys channels, Ryan ToysReview is definitely in the top ten. With over 12 million subscribers, the channel features all kinds of toys, including Disney toys, fidget spinners, slime, surprise eggs, indoor playgrounds, train sets, and dispensers. Other good toy reviewers on YouTube include Sandaroo Kids, Everleigh Opens Toys, Princess ToysReviews, EvanTubeHD, Blippi, Toys AndMe, and CKN Toys.

Vote up the best toy YouTubers and feel free to add your favorite toys channels missing from the list. 

  • 1
    Playtime with Ayden

    Ayden and his family are YouTubers who share Vlog Adventures, Toy Reviews and Awesome 3D animations.

  • 2
    Candace (born March 14, 1997) is a YouTuber known for his channel CookieSwirlC. The videos...
  • 3
    Tic Tac Toy
    The McCann family are known for their YouTube channel Tic Tac Toy. The family consists of dad...
  • 4
    ellieV toys
    ellieV is a YouTuber known her YouTube channel ellieV toys. A mother of two, ellieV posts...
  • 5
    CKN Toys
    CKN Toys is a family friendly YouTube channel that reviews toys, post vlogs, and features...
  • 6
    Jillian (born October 3, 2008) is a YouTuber known for his channel JillianTubeHD. His videos...
  • 7
    Evan (born December 6, 2005) is a YouTuber known for his channel EvanTubeHD. His videos...
  • 8
    Everleigh Opens Toys
    Everleigh Soutas (born December 14, 2012) is a YouTuber known for her channel Everleigh Opens...
  • 9
    Ryan ToysReview
    Ryan (born October 6, 2010) is a YouTuber known for the YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview, which...
  • 10
    Stevin John (born May 27, 1988) is a YouTuber known for his children's educational channel...
  • 11
    Izzy's Toy Time
    Izzy's Toy Time is a family friendly YouTube channel consisting of mom, dad, and their young...
  • 12
    Toys AndMe
    Tiana Wilson (born December 24, 2007) is a YouTuber known by her YouTube channel Toys AndMe....
  • 13
    Titi Toys and Dolls
    Titi is a YouTuber known for the channel Titi Toys and Dolls. She also has a gaming channel...
  • 14
    Blu Toys Club Surprise
    Marcelo is a YouTuber known the YouTube channel Blu Toys Club Surprise, formerly known as...
  • 15
    Tommy's Toys

    Tommy's Toys is a family-friendly YouTube channel that shows Tommy playing with assorted toys, such as opening a Kinder Joy Surprise.

  • 16
    Splat Kids TV

    Splat Kids TV is a Toy Review & Family Fun Children's YouTube channel. Their toys feature blind bags, surprise toys, reviews, family attractions and more....

  • 17
    Emily (born February 15, 2009) and Evelyn (born February 19, 2011) are sisters known for their...
  • 18
    Sandaroo Kids
    Sandra Johnson (born September 17, 1979) is a YouTuber known for her channel Sandaroo Kids,...
  • 19
    Naiah and Elli Toys Show
    Naiah (born December 27, 2010) and Elli (June 1, 2012) are sisters who are known for their...
  • 20
    Princess ToysReview
    Princess T and Princess Pham are YouTubers known for their channel Princess ToysReview. The...
  • 21
    Ren's Amazing Toys

    Ren makes videos about toys like Transformers, Tobots, Lego, Kre-O, Hot Wheels, Bandai, Disney and fast food toys from McDonald's, Jollibee... and other cool stuff. Ren is also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

  • 22
    ToyLabTV is a family friendly YouTube channel that consists of father and son team, Aaron and...
  • 23
    Kyle's Toys & Games
    Kyle Olinselot (born February 9, 2006) is a YouTuber known for his YouTube channel Kyle's Toys...
  • 24
    Toy Genie Surprises
    Toy Genie Surprises, formerly known as The Toy Genie, is a family friendly YouTube channel...
  • 25
    Biggs vs Lilz Toy Review

    Biggs vs Lilz Toy Review is a source for honest toy reviews on YouTube.