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The Best Transformers Masterpiece Toys

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While there have been dozens of different Transformers toy lines over the years, Masterpiece figures are easily the most coveted. These uber-expensive toys (if you can call them that) are the perfect mix of cartoon and toy - meshing each character’s classic animated design with updated mechanics and engineering to offer the most well-rounded Transformers figures ever made.

It’s no stretch to say the Masterpiece line is the culmination of every diehard TF fan’s dreams. They’re incredibly detailed, feature fully articulated joints, and are made to look like they literally walked right off the screen. While the MP line isn’t cheap (newer figures are topping $300 and $400 a pop), they’re typically considered the definitive version of their character. 

Sure, the Masterpiece line has had its fair share of flops over the years, but for the most part these figures are perfect renditions of their cartoon (and live-action) counterparts. From Masterpiece Optimus Prime, which has been reformatted into three different versions over the years, to Masterpiece Soundwave and Bumblebee, the best Masterpiece figures are simultaneously complex and simplistic. How many of these toys do you own, and how many would you buy all over again?

Let’s settle once and for all which Masterpiece figures are the best by voting up your favorites molds and designs below. 


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