The Best Travel YouTubers

Most people can't afford to vacation as often as they want, so these travel YouTubers can be a great way to take a trip via your phone screen. Travel channels chronicle the adventures of YouTube personalities as they navigate faraway places. From foreign countries to United States attractions, these channels will help you feel like you're off enjoying a vacation as well!  

What makes a good travel YouTube channel? While you may think interesting locations are the number one asset, that may not be the case. Sure, it certainly helps to travel somewhere exotic - like Paris or Florence - but sometimes uncovering obscure gems in odd places is great. Also, travel videos benefit from a creator with a big personality. Whether you're streaming these videos on the couch or watching your favorite YouTubers explore new places on the treadmill at the gym, these videos are definitely entertaining.

What are the best travel YouTubers? Vote your favorites to the top of the list and feel free to add anyone you think is missing! 

Photo: Louis Cole / Instagram
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  • Sharon at Sea Travel
    307 votes

    Sharon at Sea Travel

  • Kara and Nate
    140 votes

    Kara and Nate

  • Bald and Bankrupt
    93 votes

    Bald and Bankrupt

  • Harald Baldr
    11 votes

    Harald Baldr

  • NYC Rocks
    40 votes

    NYC Rocks

  • Daniel Marsh
    21 votes

    Daniel Marsh