The Best Trios Of All Time

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Remember the old phrase, "Three's a crowd?" Sure, it's earnest when you're dealing with a tandem bicycle or twin mattress. But for these famous trios, three is certainly not a crowd. We've explored multiple generations, tapped into a variety of artistic mediums, and even traversed through alternate realities, mythology, and religion to compile this list of popular trios.

Forget about the inexplicable bond between two lovers! Who needs monogamous partnership when there's hard-hitting talent and entertainment to be explored within a threesome? Fictional trios can play off each other's strengths and weaknesses, making for excellent character dynamic, and occasional drama (and great group costume ideas).

Real-life trios in music, comedy, or other mediums are often inspired by one another's talents, creating some seriously stunning work by putting their heads together. There's a unique and powerful dynamic between a group of three people who learn to harmonize, perform comedy, or navigate meaningful relationships. These famous trios have been influencing style, culture, and sound for decades.

So vote up or vote down on these iconic trios! Either way, you'll be smelling the teen spirit and stayin' alive as you read through this list of famous groups of three.

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