The 50+ Trippiest Anime That Mess With Your Head, Ranked

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Vote up the best anime that are visually or mentally trippy.

If you ended up on this page, you're one of two people. You're looking for some good trippy anime because you love unique art styles and want to watch something different. Then there are those of you who are about to eat some mushrooms, and want to know what anime they should watch while tripping. Either way, we've thrown together a great selection that includes trippy anime movies such as Spirited Away. These psychedelic films and TV shows are all visually stimulating, playing off a wide selection of colors and shapes that are guaranteed to blow your mind at least a little bit. We've included classics like FLCL and Akira, but if you've been out of the game for a while then you'll be delighted to discover some newer trippy anime titles, especially The Future Diary and Mononoke. Many of these series are available on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix.

There are a few titles on here that are more psychologically trippy. So if you want lots of colors and don't want to think too much, you should definitely stay away from Serial Experiments Lain or Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue. Vote up your favorite anime that is visually or mentally trippy, or simply use this as a guide for anime to enjoy during your next trip.

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