The Best Trivia Team Names Ever

The best trivia team names are often ones that are topical or timeless, and some of the top quiz team names ever are here on this list of the greatest trivia team names. From team names incorporating trivia like "Trivia Newton John" and "Quiz On My Face" to evergreen quiz names like "Vanderlay Industries" and "The Never Nudes", this list of good trivia team names will put you heads and tails above the competition, even if you never score a single point (but you're too smart for that, so this is really just a bonus).

What are some good quiz team names? What is the best trivia team name ever? If you can't find a great trivia team name on this amazing pub quiz team name list, you are too damn picky. This is far from a complete list of every trivia team name, but there are quite a few quiz team names to choose from here. If your favorite name isn't listed, make sure to add it to the list.
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    233 votes

    The Team Next to Us Is Cheating

  • 2
    148 votes

    My Couch Pulls Out but I Don't

  • 3
    53 votes

    This Is the High Point of Our Week

  • 4
    58 votes

    Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap

  • 5
    86 votes

    Spooning Leads to Forking

  • 6
    26 votes

    Blood, Sweat and Beers