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The Best Editions of Trivial Pursuit

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List RulesOnly Hasbro and USAopoly editions of Trivial Pursuit

Are you ready to test your knowledge in almost any category imaginable? Then it's time to look over this list of the best Trivial Pursuit editions. From The Golden Girls to the Horror Movies edition there is a version of Trivial Pursuit for just about anybody. Find your favorite version of Trivial Pursuit and then vote it up! Come back and see how your favorite editions match up to other trivia aficionados. 

Hardcore fans can generally find a Trivial Pursuit to match their tastes but the Trivial Pursuit Family, Party, and Classic editions are versions of the game that everyone can enjoy. For those really looking to expand their trivia knowledge should try Trivial Pursuit Master Edition for a true challenge. There's a version for anyone who wants to answer questions about their favorite subject.

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  • Classic Edition
    Photo: Hasbro

    Game features:

    • Features classic Trivial Pursuit gameplay
    • 2, 400 trivia questions from traditional game categories
    • Features retro looking game board
    • Includes game board, 400 cards, 1 Die, 6 wedge holders, and 36 wedges

    Price: $20.98

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  • 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition
    Photo: Hasbro

    Game features:

    • Includes 600 cards and 3,600 trivia questions
    • Anniversary edition features premium packaging and game components
    • Includes 1,200 "Remember When?" questions from 1979-2018
    • Includes game board, 400 Trivial Pursuit cards, 200 "Ruby Deck" Trivial Pursuit cards, 1 die, 6 wedge holders, 36 wedges, 1 Ruby game piece, 1 Silver Card box, 1 Ruby Card box, and instructions. Ages 16 and up. For 2-6 players

    Price: $39.99

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  • Master Edition
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Game features:

    • Play traditional rules or quicker gameplay
    • This Master Edition of the Trivial Pursuit board game includes 2,950 intriguing, challenging, and sometimes humorous questions
    • This trivia game features 6 question categories including geography, entertainment, history, art and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure
    • Play the Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game following classic gameplay, or collect a wedge any time you answer a questions correctly, not just on the wedge spaces
    • The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game comes with a timer to keep up the pace

    Price: $39.99

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  • World of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition
    Photo: Hasbro

    Game features:

    • 1800 new questions from the 8 Harry Potter films
    • Game comes with custom board and house Movers Shield
    • The categories include magical locations, magical people and more
    • Quick to play, easy to store, and convenient to carry
    • First player to answer 12 questions correctly wins!

    Price: $34.50

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