The Best Tropical Destinations

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List of top tropical destinations. What are the most popular tropical destinations? This list ranks the best tropical vacation destinations to visit, from South America to Asia to the best Caribbean vacation spots and everything in between. If you're looking for hidden tropical getaways to the best tropical islands to visit, there are plenty of tropical paradises to discover. 

The tropics is the region of the Earth surround the equator but can also be used to describe climate. A tropical climate is warm and moist year-round, with lush vegetation and dry and wet seasons only. While the tropics used to be reserved for honeymooners, college spring breakers and academics exploring wildlife, tropical vacations are becoming more affordable and among the most popular vacations for travelers looking for relaxation and recreation such as snorkeling, zip-lining, hiking and more. Some of the top tropical destinations include Puerto Rico and Costa Rica for both the bustling city and beautiful beaches. Other popular destinations include Seychelles and Maldives for the true meaning of a tropical destination with blue waters, soft sands and lush greenery.

What are the best tropical vacations? Whether you're looking for cheap tropical vacations or hidden tropical destinations, a tropical getaway offers plenty of options for everybody. If your favorite tropical vacation spot isn't on the list of tropical vacation destinations, make sure to add it.