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Truck Accessories That Are Totally Boss

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Pickup trucks and AR-15s - they're basically Barbie dolls for boys. Oh, come on, don't act like this is the first time you've heard it. It's true, and time has proven it all to easy to go wild in the toy store accessorizing these boys' toys. This is a guide to the best truck accessories out there.

The trick to not turning your truck into a rolling Barbie playhouse is to remember one key concept: functionality. Trucks are by definition (supposed to be) working vehicles. That's what the big box on the back was originally meant for. Granted, that does sometimes conflict with the impulse to stand out, have fun, and just be as badass as possible. Think creatively, think about functionality, and most of all remember that the theme to any truck is supposed to be "hard work."

Or you could just mount a customized AR in the rear window. Admittedly, that would be fabulous, but why do that when you can take a guided tour of truck rims, bed covers, and every other pickup truck accessory? Vote up your favorites below!
  • 1. Spray-In Bedliner

    Photo: John Vosburgh / Flickr
    A really good spray-in urethane bedliner applied by professional doesn't just look good - it's actually really practical, and can help your truck to hold its value for a lot longer. Plus, bediners come in all colors now, and they'll make loading and unloading of cargo much easier. Just go for the good stuff, and have it professionally applied. You'll regret it otherwise. 
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  • 2. Grille

    Grille upgrades are much more important for trucks than cars. First, because truck grilles are usually huge, and second, because trucks ride high and and their grilles are always right in your face. Whether you prefer billet, wire mesh, or welded bars, pretty much any aftermarket grille will help to set your truck apart from the pack. 
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  • 3. LED Turn Signals

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Amber lenses are so 1992. It's not that they always look bad, but amber just doesn't go with every color truck in the world. LED turn signals are perfectly clear when not in use, and that looks a lot better on today's popular, cool-toned colors. 
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  • 4. Performance Computer Tune

    They say going fast is looking good. At the very least, a little bit more go-fast is always a good thing. From tiny four-cylinders to massive turbo diesels, a good performance re-tune can be good for up to 200 horsepower. Not the worst $200 to $300 you could spend. 
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