The Most Haunting True Crime Docuseries

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The best, and most haunting, true crime documentaries on television stay in your mind long past the last episode. As miniseries, true crime docuseries use their longer run time to dive more deeply into the details of the tragic events than a single documentary film can.

Standing out from true crime reality and docu-reality series, the best true crime TV documentary miniseries are limited not just in the number of episodes but scope. These miniseries focus on one incident, one criminal, one newsmaking event. Lorena, The Jinx, and Don't F**k With Cats are all limited series that lay out the facts and details around their subjects. From scams in McMillions to archival interviews with serial killers in Helter Skelter: An American Myth and The Ted Bundy Tapes, there are great true crime docuseries for every true crime fan.

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Photo: Making A Murderer / Netflix
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