The Best True Crime Docudramas

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There is just something about terrible crimes that makes for wonderful television. It's the main reason why shows like Law & Order and NCIS have been on the air for so many years. However, watching fictionalized crimes is not always enough. Viewers remain on the edge of their seats when they watch a show they know is based on a true story. Many of these shows combine elements of documentaries with elements of dramas through the form of reenactments. The best true crime docudramas have followed some of the most horrifying, yet interesting, crimes in American history.

True crime television dramas like The Jinx focus on one particular case of note. Over the course of several episodes, these shows do deep dives into a single case, so the viewer gets a complete picture of the crimes that unfolded. Other docudramas, such as Forensic Files, dedicate each episode to a different crime. There is always something new to learn, and casual viewers can learn all about the latest developments in forensics. 

True crime reenactment shows are all the rage these days. Which series piqued your interest the most? You can vote for your favorite true crime docudramas in the list below to let everyone know which shows to check out. 

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