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The Best Tsundere Manga

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Tsunderes - also known as the girl (or boy) whose signature line is "it's not like I like you or anything, baka!" show up frequently in manga. If this character archtype appeals to you, check out this list of the best tsundere manga - you don't even have to admit you like it. 

One of the most famous tsundere manga is Toradora!, a manga about a tsundere named Taiga who finds herself falling in love with her scary-looking but actually very kind classmate Ryuuji. Prefer male tsunderes in manga? Try Wolf Girl & Black Prince, which follows Erika and Kyouya as they move from being a fake couple created via blackmail to an actual couple that maybe kind of love each other. These stories can be frustrating, but they're also exciting. 

The rankings are determined by your votes, so let the world know what you think by voting up your favorite manga about tsunderes.

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