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The Best Tuba Players in the World

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The tuba is one of the most easily recognizable instruments, due to its large size and distinct shape. It is a very tricky brass instrument to master and takes a great deal of practice. The best living tuba players in the world are on the list below and all have spent years dedicating their lives and careers to the tuba. But who are the best tuba players in the world today?

The tuba is the largest, lowest pitched, brass instrument. The sound is produced by a buzzing of the mouthpiece. The tuba is used in classical music, military, orchestral music, and is also popular in jazz music. These best tuba players in the world are from many different genres but are all incredibly skilled when it comes to the tuba.

These best tubists in the world have the ability to execute flawless music whether its a rehearsed piece or something improvised. To become one of the best tuba players in the world takes great commitment, a strong work ethic, and years of practice and dedication.

The best living tuba players are from all over the world and include talented musicians like Carol Jantsch, Velvet Brown, Alan Baer, John Bodwin, and Roger Bobo. Cast your votes below for the best living tuba players in the world today.

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    Singaporean tuba player.

    Tan Yao Cong’s work as an orchestra musician has taken him across the world, performing in numerous festivals which include the Alzira Spanish Brass Festival, as well as concert series and tours with orchestras such as The Philharmonic Orchestra, The Orchestra of the Music Makers, the International Youth Wind Orchestra, and the Asian Youth Orchestra. He has worked under the direction of renowned conductors such as Vasily Petrenko, James Gaffigan, James Macmillan and James Judd.

    Currently based in Singapore, Yao Cong is the Orchestra Manager of the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra. As a freelance musician, Yao Cong works as a music educator with local school bands, freelance orchestras and the Singapore Armed Forces Central Band.

    Yao Cong’s ensemble made their first CD release with Toccata Classics, titled ‘John Gardner - Music for Brass and Organ’, featuring Paul Archibald (Trumpet) and Stephen King (Organ).

    Yao Cong completed his Bachelor of Music (Hons) under the tutelage of Mr. Patrick Harrild, Principal Tuba of the London Symphony Orchestra. His undergraduate studies were sponsored by the Loke Cheng-Kim Foundation.

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    Balkan tuba player with The m9 out of Seattle, WA.

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