The Best Bromances in TV History

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When it comes to the best guy friends on television, the competition is tough. Plenty of bros have won audiences over with their unbreakable bonds and witty banter. And what about those special moments when guys don’t adhere to silly gender stereotypes and instead have deep conversations about their hopes and feelings? Swoon. The friendship between two guys is certainly worth celebrating, so this comprehensive list of bromances from TV shows does just that. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

What makes these friendships so great? The fact that the guys all have incredible chemistry, for starters. Some of the bros on the list started on rocky terms, but eventually left their differences behind and forged a deep connection. Most importantly, they all give you a case of the giggles when they bicker, and they make you tear up when they’re getting emotional.

What are your favorite TV bromaces? Vote up the ones that give you the most feels. 

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    Hank Moody and Charlie Runkle

    Hank Moody and Charlie Runkle
    Video: YouTube
    TV show: Californication
    These two have no secrets. They are never shy to tell each other the truth no matter how disgusting or shameful that truth may be. BFFs forever.
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    Matt Albie and Danny Tripp

    Matt Albie and Danny Tripp
    Video: YouTube
    TV show: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    A television dream team no one should mess with. Say what you want about Aaron Sorkin, but he really knows how to write a bromance. 
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