The Most Excellent TV Character Mustaches

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Incredible mustaches on the real faces of fictional TV characters - no beards (or Alex Trebek) allowed. Vote based on epicness.

The mustache is an iconic facial hair statement that has been the hallmark of many a great television character. Only a true manly man can grow and groom the perfect mustache and manage to not look creepy. These awesome TV characters probably had the help of hair and makeup, but don't worry about that. Just take in the majestic mustaches of these memorable TV men.

When it comes to facial hair on TV, I dare you to not immediately think of Ron Swanson. One of the best characters on Parks and Recreation, his mustache is truly epic and nearly perfect in every way. But there are many old school television mustaches as well. From Basil Fawlty, Magnum P.I., and the son-in-law from All in the Family, the mustache is a distinctive feature that was rocked by many of your favorite television characters throughout TV history.

But mustaches aren't just cool and dapper. They also make a difference for men's health! Check out Movember to see how! And if you still can't get enough of the 'stache, take a moment to vote for your favorite mustaches in movies as well. Spoiler alert: that list is mostly Sam Elliott and Daniel Day Lewis.

Or, maybe you're upset because you were looking for Alex Trebek and Geraldo Rivera below. Sorry, but that's a different list. Now go get some mustache wax and get to sculpting.

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