The Best Lady BFFs in TV History

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Vote up the female best friends from shows on TV or streaming that are best at being their for each other.

A good character duo on TV is reason enough to tune into a series, any series, episode after episode for years. The show that those two particular characters are on could be garbage, the characters surrounding the duo could be annoying, the entire series could be a slog - but we'd still watch because the chemistry of a great duo is pure TV magic. Whether they can banter like no one else, argue and make things up in the span of a few minutes, or just be plain charming together, the best female friends on television have a special place in our TV watching hearts.

While television may have started off as a place filled with dudes talking about ex-girlfriends, and said ex-girlfriends talking only about those same dudes, TV shows have changed a lot in recent years. Luckily for us, a huge part of that shift has to do with putting lady BFFs front and center, like they'd already been in movies, and giving us the privilege of watching them live their lives. From raunchy comedies to heartbreaking dramas, from big budget epics to small-scale indie cable shows, the best TV female friends are the ones that make us wish our BFFs were as cool as the ones in our favorite shows. If there's one thing that these female friends from TV can do best, it's make us wish we had their lives, whether they're eating delicious meals while taking about the latest drama, celebrating Galentines, or solving mysteries.

Regardless of the reality of these friendships, after a hard day sometimes all we want to do is escape and watch people that cope with life better than us. With that in mind, run over to your BFF's house without calling first, eat a pint of ice cream, and live your best life with your best friend, because it's time to rank the best girl best friends on TV.

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