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The Best TV Halloween Costumes For Girls

September 28, 2021 339 votes 24 voters25 items

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This is a list of the best TV Halloween costumes for girls. Below you'll find TV show Halloween costumes from classic shows, current TV hits, and everything in between. For example, Wanda Maximoff from WandaVision was a no-brainer for this list. 

Below you'll find characters like Lisa Nova of Brand New Cherry Flavor or Keeley Jones of Ted Lasso. These are great options for TV Halloween costumes for women. There are also options for girls of any age. You'll see examples like Janet from The Good Place or Eleven from Stranger Things, which are both great TV baby girl Halloween costumes. Friends TV show Halloween costumes are great if you are looking for a group of girls. You could dress up as Monica Geller, Rachel Greene, and Phoebe Buffay. 

Check out the TV character Halloween costumes below, and vote up the ones you like best, or you'd most like to wear! 

  • Photo: Sex and the City / HBO

    Fashion is Carrie Bradshaw's bread and butter, so you have a lot of amazing and trendy things you could wear as her. You can also annoy your friends by randomly saying silly things like, "If you love someone and break up, where does the love go?"

    Essentials: For her most recognizable look, a tulle skirt, a camisole, and high heels will do the trick. 

    • Appears In: Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries, Sex and the City 2, Sex and the Matrix, Sex and the City
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  • Who wouldn't want to be the Mother of Dragons for Halloween? (Of course, we're ignoring the final season here.) Hopefully you're in a warm area, because this costume typically bears a lot of skin. 

    Essentials: Blonde hair (or a blonde wig) is a must for Khaleesi. Also, loose-flowing halter dresses and gold jewelry will help you get into character.

    • Appears In: Game of Thrones
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  • There's a lot of options when it comes to Sabrina Spellman. You can dress like season one innocent Sabrina, or the Hell cheerleader from one of the later seasons. 

    Essentials: Whichever Sabrina you choose, there should be a trendy, blonde bob, and a bright, red lip. 

    • Appears In: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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  • Photo: Stranger Things / Netflix

    Even if you haven't seen Netflix's Stranger Things, Eleven has become such a recognizable character from the series. 

    Essentials: For the classic Eleven look, a blonde wig, a blue jacket, and a pink dress with a Peter Pan collar are a good place to start. Extra points if you carry around frozen waffles. 

    • Appears In: Stranger Things
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