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The Best Married Couples In TV History

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A show that two of your favorite characters are on could be garbage, the characters surrounding the duo could be annoying, the entire series could be a slog - but we'd still watch because the chemistry of a great couple is pure TV magic. Whether they can banter like no one else, argue and makeup in the span of a few minutes, or just be magically charming together, the best husbands and wives on television have a special place in our TV watching hearts.

While TV may still love pairing husbands who aren't good partners with wives who have too much patience, TV has changed a lot in recent years. Luckily for us, a huge part of that shift has to do with putting great husbands and wives front and center and giving us the privilege of watching them live their lives. From goofy sitcoms to heartbreaking dramas, from big budget epics to small-scale indie cable shows, the best TV husbands and wives are the ones that make us wish our relationships were as stable, healthy, and just plain entertaining as the ones in our favorite shows with married couples. If there's one thing that these husband and wife duos from TV can do best it's make us wish we had their lives, whether they're solving every problem life throws at them with grace or looking beautiful and happy from sunup to sundown.

Regardless of the reality of these marriages, after a hard day sometimes all we want to do is escape and watch people that cope with life better than us. With that in mind, get your vows ready, never have a fight that lasts more than one episode, and live your best life with your best spouse, because it's time to rank the best husband and wife duos on TV.

  • Photo: ABC
    • Appears In: The Addams Family
    • Played By: Carolyn Jones
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  • Photo: ABC
    • Appears In: Modern Family
    • Played By: Julie Bowen
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  • Photo: NBC
    • Appears In: Parks and Recreation
    • Played By: Adam Scott
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  • Photo: NBC
    • Appears In: Friends
    • Played By: Courteney Cox
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